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Image by Yuyeung Lau

We are excited you want to join us for online learning. 

With you in mind, we've created an online program to support you living your most authentic life of feeling well.  We thought and thought about the best metaphor for how our experiences in life shape our health.  We wanted something fun.  Exciting.  Meaningful.  Creative.

And then the idea came.

7 Roads:  A Quest for an Authentic Life of Feeling Well

Who doesn't love an amazing road trip?  Okay, there may be a handful of people.  It's likely not you.  There is something magical about all the photos, memories of finding hidden treasures, laughter with friends who had been strangers, and the odd off the beaten road attractions that may not have been completely worth their spot on our bucket list.  And, oh, yes.  Discovering the yummiest fish taco, fried pickle on a stick and peanut butter fudge we've ever tasted.

You can choose if your quest lasts four days (a quick weekend getaway) or three months (a summer-long vacation).  You'll also be able to choose your own price.  We all have a personal financial experience.  We want living well to be affordable and accessible for everyone.

Life happens (and your health feels it). 

Take a trip with us.  It will transform your health in ways you'll be talking about for years to come.

Country Road
Country Road

A Four Day Journey

Anytime, Anywhere

Image by Matt Duncan
Image by Matt Duncan

A Three Month Journey

Anytime, Anywhere

7 Roads Program Chart.jpg

Join our wait list for the 3 month journey.  During our pre-launch party, you'll receive special discounts, bonus maps and fuel boosters!

Want to buy now?  Receive 25% off    7 Roads, our three month journey. Your promo code is: PRELAUNCH25.  Code valid until product launch date.

A percentage of all sales will be given to the Dream Jar Foundation to create a residential health center focused on healing, growth and leadership development. Learn more.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If our programs and services do not delight you, connect with us so we can make it right.

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