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7 Roads:  A Quest for an Authentic Life of Feeling Well


During this virtual three month journey, you'll choose one of three vehicles to take your adventure in.  Once inside, you'll explore your dashboard as you reflect on and process your health experiences.  Each part - your turn signal, rear-view mirror, gas gauge, radio - will invite you into new videos, interactive practices and experiential activities.  You'll explore twelve parts during your vacation, plus a few bonuses. 


You will also receive:


  • ​The Health Design Story Tool (take a peek at the first part)
  • Your unique health design using the Story Tool (check out an example)
  • Twice a month live group virtual gatherings
  • Our four day journey as a free gift
  • A free bonus Rising membership.  You'll get 12 months of continued support while traveling by hot air balloon.  Each month, you'll receive an HDBasket (Health Design Basket) filled with all of our best secrets and tips as you transform what's arising in your life so it brings you deeper well-being.  Check it out here.
  • Plus a few surprises! ​


Three Month Journeys will be available on July 25th.

7 Roads: A Three Month Journey

  • The Launch Page will be downloadable as a PDF.  If you need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get it here


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