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We've created an extra one year of support for you.

It's called Rising.  You'll be traveling by hot air balloon.  As part of 7 Roads, you'll receive extra support from us for a year without any additional cost to you.  We are committed to you having what you need and want for your authentic life of living well. 


Each month, we'll send you an HDBasket (Health Design Basket).  It will be filled with all of our best secrets and tips.  You'll explore energy, intimacy, purpose, story, identity, change and community more deeply.  You'll unpack interactability more fully.  We are here to support you on your health design journey as you transform what's arising in your life so it brings you deeper well-being.

Each HDBasket contains 3 things plus a surprise. 


A 7ish-minute video presentation +

A downloadable activity or practice for your everyday life +

A link to a live monthly group conversation +

A surprise BONUS =

A Rising HDBasket

An HDBasket will be launched your way on the 7th of each month.  You will receive a year's worth of HDBaskets.

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