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Join us on a four day weekend roadtrip! 


During this virtual journey, you'll be given a vehicle to take your adventure in.  Once inside, you'll explore your dashboard as you reflect on and process your health experiences. 

Each part - your check engine light, odometer, air vents and windshield - will invite you into new videos, interactive practices and experiential activities. 


Over the four days, you'll:

  • Name the biggest health problem in your life right now.

  • Discover the ways it is influencing your relationships, your purpose, your spirituality, your identity, how you eat, move and sleep, your involvement in your community.

  • Map the history of the problem and what was going on in your life when it showed up.

  • Explore the wishes and dreams you have for your life.

  • Feel confident and empowered to take your next step into living well.


Invest the co-pay of one doctor's visit into this journey and you'll learn how to shift your life experiences so they support your wishes for deeper well-being. 



7 Roads: Four Day Journey

  • The Launch Page will be downloadable as a PDF.  If you need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get it here


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