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Are you looking for that one thing?


That one simple thing. 

You've looked a lot of places.  It has to be somewhere.  When you find it, you know you'll finally feel well. 

When Christine was approaching 40, she didn't feel quite right.  She was exhausted.  She barely had energy to finish a stack of unfinished projects.  She wasn't happy where she was living.  Every week, she was spending more hours at work and less hours with her family.  She had unexplained pain and brain fog that would come and go.  She tried a lot of things that didn't work, each time hoping to find something that could help her feel better. 

When she discovered her health design, it wasn't exactly the one thing she had longed to find.  It turned out to be a combination of several things.  There was one important pattern though.  It had to do with purpose.  

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She was diagnosed with a chronic illness as a child.  She grew up in a family that didn't know how to support her.  Every time she was close to fulfilling her dreams and finding her purpose, something in her life distracted her.  Her symptoms would get worse, derailing her more deeply.

She's now on a journey into her purpose.  She created a vision.  She's enjoying her passions.  She joined a writer's group.  She's learning how to nourish herself holistically.  Her 'feeling off' days only happen about once a month now.  When they do, she knows how to rest.

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Transformation is available for you too.  It's waiting for you to find it in your design.

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100% of all profits are given to the Dream Jar Foundation.


Health design is an integrative approach to discovering how what's happening in your life is shaping your health and wellness. 


It looks holistically at your yesterday, today and tomorrow in 7 key areas of life experiences.  

Energy (your ways of life and what's sacred to you)

Love (your relationships and intimacy)

Purpose (your career and life vision)

Story (your beliefs and voice)

Identity (how you embody yourself)

Change (your trauma, loss and transitions in life)

Community (your environment and intergenerational patterns)


Health Design is rooted in the idea of interactability.  Your experiences of energy, love, purpose story, identity, change and community create pathways in your body through your emotions, senses and memories, influencing how your brain, nerves, immune system, gut and hormones work together.


Your design pinpoints your pattern - what life experiences are the influencers in why you get sick, what comes together when you are well, and what you tap into when you heal.  It shows you what to focus on so you can live your healthiest life.  It narrows the options to what will work best for you.  Once you know your design, you can shift how everything interacts so it supports your deepest well-being. 

In the Designer Package, you will discover the pathway to transform the time you have, the money you earn, the beliefs you hold, the love you find, the stress you're under, the story you tell, how enough you feel...and ultimately your health.  

You're still not quite sure this is for you? 

Check out my answers to the top 4 questions people ask me.



Health Design might just be one more thing.  Or it might be the one thing for you.  Please connect with me.  It's my favorite part of my work.



I am here for you,

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