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Within your best and worst moments, there is a unique design pattern that's shaping your health.  This design is all about identity.  Hidden within this design is a gift.  This design's gift is the ability to accept yourself as you interact, feel emotions and experience life.  

Your Design Might Be Like Rosie's

Rosie discovered a pattern connected to identity too.  From the time she was born, people wanted her to be a boy.  She had to go to speech therapy to learn how to say girl.  Her first love ended up being a guy who wanted her to be a boy – he was gay.  She started to gain weight, trying to hid her feminine features.  She walked with her head down, hoping no one would see her beauty.  In her late 20s, she gave birth to a son.  As she loved him for who he was, she began to see herself as a mom and a woman.  As she accepted herself, it was as if the shame of not being what others wanted was lifted.  She walked taller and her clothes fit better.  

Would you like to put together the pieces of your health design like Rosie did? 

We're developing a sophisticated enough system that will do this work for you.  

Until it's ready, we've created several journeys for you.  We've seen it a lot.  You might relate.  You've tried diets. Exercise. Medication. Surgery. Yoga. Meditation. Herbal remedies. Therapy. The list goes on and on.  It works for a while.  And then you find yourself back in a familiar place.  In pain.  Alone.  Not happy with your body.  

Health Design might just be one more thing.  Or it might be the one thing for you.  We've discovered most people have a pattern.  It's a pattern that's connected to the time you have, the money you get, the beliefs you hold, the love you find, the stress you're under, the story you tell and how enough you feel.  It comes together when you're well.  You tap into it when you're healing.  It's missing when you're ill.  Once you're aware of your pattern, you can learn to shift and transform what's happening in your life so it supports your deepest well-being.   

We'd like to support you as you find your design so you can live well.  We know creating the life and embodying the health we want takes connection and encouragement.  We're here for you.  We'll be on this journey together. 

Psst. There's a cool surprise waiting for you.

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