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May is an aMAYzing month!

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

I've noticed myself shaking my head a bit more often than normal this week. Are you sleeping, Ivy? Or dreaming? I have a tendency towards daydreaming.

Nope. I'm fully awake and alive.

It's going to be an amazing month.

I'm celebrating the launch of the free online Health Design Tool and Rising membership.

I'm celebrating my 20th year of being cancer free.

I'm celebrating my final course (my final test, my final paper) of my whole academic career. It's been a long one.

I'm celebrating my son finishing his first year in a morning program.

And I'm celebrating you. You've found this website. And I hope you find a way into transforming your life experiences so they support your deepest well-being.

Welcome to our community. I'm glad you are here. I look forward to what is unfolding. I hope we connect on a live video chat, by email or on a phone call very soon.


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