Living well is a journey.  Take a three month summer vacation with us.

During this virtual journey, you'll choose one of three vehicles to take your adventure in.  Once inside, you'll explore your dashboard as you reflect on and process your health experiences. 

Each part - your turn signal, rear-view mirror, gas gauge, radio - will invite you into new videos, interactive practices and experiential activities.  You'll explore twelve parts during your vacation, plus a few bonuses.


On your journey with us, you’ll discover how your experiences of energy, intimacy, purpose, story, identity, change and community throughout your life create pathways in your body.  The pathways are co-created by your emotions, perceptions, senses and memories.  These pathways influence how your brain, nerves, muscles, immune system, gut and hormones work together.


You’ll also uncover your health design: the influencers in why you get sick, what comes together when you are well, and what you tap into to heal.  Once you understand your design, you can shift how everything interacts to support your deepest well-being. 

The three month journey opens on June 15th. 

This is your invitation to live well.
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